Windows plugins in Linux browsers
10 Dec 2014 03:47 CET  written by Pipelight Team

We are happy to announce Pipelight 0.2.8 which introduces some new features to increase the compatibility with Firefox. It is highly recommended to install this update since the previous PGP key which was used to sign the plugin database (install-dependency) expires on the 14th of december and otherwise you'll not be able to update plugins anymore after this date.

The last release was quite some time ago since the NPAPI translation layer is mostly feature complete and most of the bugs are caused by Wine and not Pipelight itself. We therefore spent most of the time working on Wine and our project Wine Staging which became the default Wine version on Fedora.

04 Jun 2014 03:50 CEST  written by Pipelight Team

Pipelight 0.2.7 provides many enhancements and bug fixes to make the usage more convenient. The new version includes additional tools to find configuration issues on your system and improves the performance on AMD graphic cards as GPU acceleration is now enabled by default. Anyway, the most important change for our new users might be that we created a dedicated website on pipelight.net which contains a completely revised installing instructions and FAQ entries.

06 Apr 2014 04:02 UTC  written by Pipelight Team

Pipelight 0.2.6 adds two new plugins and improves the currently supported plugins, especially Silverlight. Before we take a closer look at these changes, we would like to make two small announcements: First of all, we are currently working on GPU decoding and we already have a working prototype which decodes mpeg2 on the GPU when using the windows version of VLC as player. There is still a lot of work left, but we hope that we can support GPU decoding for flash (and hopefully silverlight) in future versions. The second news is that we are presenting a talk about Pipelight at LinuxTag 2014 in Berlin, so feel free to join us!

22 Feb 2014 05:28 UTC  written by Pipelight Team

The Pipelight version 0.2.5 introduces some new plugins and adds some code to make the windows part more compatible with different Mingw32/64 versions. Unlike the previous releases the number of changes is quite small and the reason for this is that we are currently working more on other Pipelight related parts than the code itself.

19 Jan 2014 01:48 UTC  written by Pipelight Team

The Pipelight version 0.2.4 introduces some speed improvements which especially target Silverlight on slower systems that were not able to reach the full frame rate. By modifying the wine patches and several changes to make Pipelight work a bit more asynchronously this effectively increases the performance. Other changes introduced support for the Widevine plugin or made Pipelight compatible with even more browsers.

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