Windows plugins in Linux browsers
21 Oct 2014 17:37 CEST  written by Pipelight Team

Pipelight is a wrapper for using Windows plugins in Linux browsers and therefore giving you the possibility to access services which are otherwise not available for Linux users. Typical examples of such services are Netflix and Amazon Instant, which both use the proprietary browser plugin Silverlight. These services cannot normally be used on Linux since this plugin is only available for Windows, and the only open source alternative (Moonlight) is lacking support for DRM.

Pipelight helps you access these services by using the original Silverlight plugin directly in your browser, all while giving you a better hardware acceleration and performance than a virtual machine. Besides Silverlight, you can also use a variety of other plugins that are supported by Pipelight. Take a look at the installation page for a complete list.

Pipelight uses a patched wine version to provide a windows environment to the plugins, but you do not need to worry about this as Pipelight will take care of installing, configuring and updating all supported plugins. From the perspective of the browser these plugins will behave just like any other normal Linux plugin after you have enabled them.

Anyway, since a picture is worth a thousand words, we skip the next 12.000 ones and show you some screenshots instead ;-)

Chrome - SilverlightChrome - Silverlight
Chrome - Unity3D WebplayerChrome - Unity3D Webplayer
Chrome - Shockwave PlayerChrome - Shockwave Player
Chrome - Adobe ReaderChrome - Adobe Reader
Chrome - WidevineChrome - Widevine
Uzbl - SilverlightUzbl - Silverlight
Chrome - SilverlightChrome - Silverlight
Firefox - Flash 13.0Firefox - Flash 13.0
Midori - SilverlightMidori - Silverlight
Chrome - SilverlightChrome - Silverlight
PipelightOS - LiveCDPipelightOS - LiveCD
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