Windows plugins in Linux browsers
17 Dec 2015 17:29 CET  written by Pipelight Team

In case you encounter a problem or have a question, you should always take a look at our FAQ entries as they provide you with solutions to the most common problems. Make sure to always take a look at the first one:

Most common problems (click here first)
Silverlight crashes / DRM Error / Browser extensions N8156-6023
Fix XATTR error / using NFS volumes N8156-6205
User Agent / Operating System not supported N8109
Silverlight shows just a blank rectangle N1001
Pipelight Error in about:plugins / during plugin initialization
Bad performance / Install 32 bit graphic driver files
Videos play very fast / lag or don't have sound
Plugin download fails / plugin is oudated
Plugin crashes when closing page
Arch Linux audio problems
Menubar stays visible on secondary screen in fullscreen mode
Wrong Silverlight version shown
Using RavenDB with Pipelight / ntlm_auth not found
Embedding disabled: Can not close window
Enable/disable/force hardware acceleration
Capture debug output

In case none of the FAQ entries matches your problem, make sure that you read all plugin specific information otherwise you may have skipped a step during the installation. You can also take a look at our question tracker or bug tracker and check if this problem is already known and if there is a workaround or solution to it. If something stopped working, you may also want to reset the wineprefix to force a re-installation of all plugins by executing rm -rf ~/.wine-pipelight/.

If you still face an error which was not solved by any of these tips, you can either join our IRC channel #pipelight on Freenode (for example via this webchat) and described your problem there or you can create an entry in the question / bug trackers mentioned above.

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